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N.I.Vavilov Institute of Plant Genetic Resources (VIR)

General Information and Editorial preparations

General Information

Only peer-reviewed articles shall be accepted for publication in the journal Proceedings on Applied Botany, Genetics and Breeding. Decision on publication is taken by the Editorial Board of the journal on the basis of peer reviews. A manuscript that received negative reviews from two independent reviewers will be rejected by the Editorial Board’s decision. If an article needs amending it is returned to the author(s) together with the remarks of the reviewer and the editor in charge of the issue. The authors should take into account all the remarks made during peer reviewing and editing of the article, and provide arguments for any debatable issues, if any. Amendments made by the author(s) in the manuscript should be incorporated into the electronic version of the text received from the editors and returned to the editors within the prescribed period of time. The amended article is once again considered by the Editorial Board who will decide on the possibility of its publication.

The journal provides reviewing for all materials submitted to the editors and conforming to its subject areas with the purpose of their expert examination. All reviewers are recognized specialists in the subject areas of the reviewed materials and have published works in the subject area of the reviewed article within the past 3 years. The reviews are kept by the journal’s publishers and editors for the next 5 years.

The editors request the authors to abide by the guidelines below while preparing and sending manuscripts to the journal. Those manuscripts whose format does not conform to these guidelines will not be considered by the Editorial Board. All received materials will not be returned. The author(s) will be informed by e-mail on the decision taken.

Editorial preparations

A manuscript is recognized as delivered to the editors immediately upon the receipt of its electronic version signed by the author(s).

All manuscripts are forwarded to two independent experts for peer reviewing. In the event of any debatable issues or controversial results of reviewing, the manuscript may be sent to one or two additional reviewers. When submitting the manuscript to the editors the authors may indicate the names of their colleagues with whom they have a conflict of interests; in this case, the manuscript will be forwarded for peer reviewing to other experts.

Following the reviewers’ recommendations, a manuscript may be approved, or returned to the authors for making amendments, or rejected. Returning a manuscript to its author for amending does not mean that it has been accepted for publication. Authors are expected to make amendments only to the version returned to them by the editors. A response to the reviewers’ comments may be inserted in the end of the manuscript after the list of references. Upon receiving the amended version the editors consider the manuscript once again. If a manuscript has been amended for more than two months or required considerable alterations, it is regarded by the editors as a new one.

The editors reserve the right to abridge the text and make editorial corrections in it, including the title of the article (with the author’s consent). Amended and corrected manuscripts are accepted for publication only with the required accompanying document (copyright transfer agreement signed by the authors).

The editors will e-mail the proof version of the article to the author for proofreading. Only minor amendments to the text and tables are permitted during proofreading.

The editors of the journal will forward copies of the reviews or a motivated refusal to the authors of the submitted materials, and also undertakes to send copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, provided that the editors of the journal receive such request.