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N.I.Vavilov Institute of Plant Genetic Resources (VIR)

Flowers of Life


  On May 29 at 12-00 we will plant flowers at the 1st Medical. 125 rhododendron shrubs “Raisa” have been bred, grown out and brought specially for us from Finland. The staff of the Pavlov State Medical University of St Petersburg, assisted by the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry, will plant them near the building of the Institute of Children’s Haematology and Transplantology named after R.M. Gorbacheva.

   This event commemorates two significant dates. This year, Raisa Maksimovna Gorbacheva, who in her lifetime contributed a lot of efforts and resources to fight children’s leukemia, would have celebrated her 80th birthday. Besides, this is the year of the 125th anniversary since the birth of Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov, Russian and Soviet botanist, plant geneticist, breeder and geographer. These people did a great deal for the benefit of our country. Their contribution was really priceless.

   Rhododendrons were always reckoned among the most fascinating flowers. Of late, this rewarding cultivated plant has been more and more widely used for decorating and landscaping cities and towns. The variety “Raisa” has been specially developed and named in honour of Raisa Gorbacheva by Professor Peter M.A. Tigerstedt, Ph.D. Professor emeritus, Dr.h.c. (Finland).


   Let these flowers bring joy and beauty to the life of our little patients!

   For additional information about this event and with any questions concerning participation and accreditation please address the Dept. of Public Relations of the Pavlov State Medical University


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