23.12.2010 Saint-Petersburg Back



As became known from official sources in the nearest future a joint expert group comprising representatives of Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Federal property management agency, as well as Russian academy of agriculture science (RAAS) will be established for further assessment of plot No. 2 of the Pavlovsk experiment station of VIR. Main tasks addressing the experts will be inventory taking and assessment of plantings present, determining their scientific value, identifying possible risks of collection relocation, as well as prospects for future collection use.

RAAS in conjunction with the Federal Russian Housing Development Foundation are proposed to elaborate a detailed relocation plan of the fodder crop collection maintained at the plot No. 18 to other plots being in use by organizations under RAAS. .

The Federal Russian Housing Development Foundation is recommended to set a moratorium on any activities aimed to implement the housing construction at plots No. 2 and No. 18 of the Pavlovsk experiment station of VIR until a final decision regarding the fate of the fruit, berry, ornamental and fodder crop collections will be taken by the Russian Government.