Всероссийский Институт Растениеводства им. Н.И. Вавилова

ГНУ Всероссийский Научно-Исследовательский Институт им. Н.И. Вавилова Российской академии сельскохозяйственных наук


    Presentation Igor G. Loskutov “N.I.Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry”

    Alexander A. Egorov and Gennady A. Firsov: The history of introduction of arboreal plants at Saint-Petersburg State Forest-Technical Academy

    Elisabeth Oberg: New plants for the northern periferi, an on-going EU-project for introduction of good plant material, from plant collections, to the market".

    Tomas Lagerstrom: Collecting in nature and living collections are the fundaments for plant improvement – Swedish examples from the E-plant system

    P.M.A. Tigerstedt: Clonal archives and hybrid orchards - their use in plant production and breeding

    Gennady Firsov: New trees from old gardens of St. Petersburg for northern climate

    Alexandra Volchanskaya: Threatened species of arboreal Russia flora in botanical collections of St Petersburg

    Artem Sorokin: Utilization of VIR`s fruit germplasm diversity in breeding practice for the Nordic region

    Maria Hallfors: Using a botanic garden collection to test a bioclimatic hypothesis

    Inara Bondare: Introduction of exotic trees and shrubs in Latvian arboretum collections in the last 20 years and their practical use in garden design.

    Oddvar Skre: Birch transplant gardens as bioclimatic indicators

    Larisa Orlova: Native and introduced conifers in northwest Russia

    Sergej Rysin: Monitoring of woody plants in the conditions of the city environment (on example of the arboretum of Main Botanical Garden).

    Svetlana Potapova: Activity of botanical gardens according to the national Russian Botanical Gardens Conservation Strategy on Biological Diversity.