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FAO training courses on collection, conservation and study of plant genetic resources in Tajikistan

In the period from 8 through 12 October, 2012 Tajik National center on plant genetic resources hosted FAO training courses entitled: “Acute issues on collection, conservation and study of plant genetic resources”.

The main purpose of courses was to let Tajik and Kyrgyz genebank staff members into different aspects of plant genetic resources, up-to-date collection technologies, study and conservation of accessions as well as information support methods for food and agriculture.

Courses were conducted by VIR specialists: head of oat, barley and rye department, Dr. Igor Loskutov and database manager Vladimir Korneev.

Attendees got acquainted with different methods of PGR-database completion, its management and analysis aimed at easy introduction of new varieties. Courses included practical classes on creation, management and support of passport and evaluation databases of accession harbored in PGR-collections.

Main discussion topics:


  • FAO and International centers for Plant Genetic Resources.
  • Legislative and international aspects of plant genetic resources.
  • Creation of collections of plant genetic resources.
  • Database as a key element of integration of PGR-collections.
  • International information support systems for collections of plant genetic resources.
  • Record and registration of accessions of plant genetic resources.
  • Practical approaches to the analysis of a passport database: detecting of doublets and most peculiar accessions.
  • Methods of conservation of plant genetic resources.
  • History of PGR-collections in Russia.
  • Main agriculture crops and their diversity.
  • Methodology of study of plant genetic resources.
  • Use of molecular markers technology in the study of plant genetic diversity.