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The status of plum collection at Pavlovsk experiment station of VIR as of 2010

Collections of plum, cherry-plum and black thorn situated 25 km from Pavlovsk are the most northern in Russia.

In 2010 collection of plum at the Pavlovsk experiment station of VIR encompassed 371 accessions of domesticated plum (including 8 old varieties), cherry-plum, blackthorn, diploid plum as well as apricot. 19 accessions of plum or 5,1% from the total volume of the collection were duplicated at the Moscow and Far-East experiment stations.

Currently the plum collection occupies two plots. The first one was assembled in 1988-1991. An area of 0,9 ha was planted with domesticated plum. Productive age of plum varieties is limited by 15 years; the age of our trees exceeds 20 years. They need to be rejuvenated and fertilized to stimulate the growth of sprouts. The drain ditch along the birch alley of the garden hasn`t been restored for several years, and after completing a road at the end of 1990-s the drain system of the garden was totally destroyed. As a result of it, 80% of trees died. At present this plot is occupied with 108 accessions in weakened condition; 24 accessions were not duplicated, they need to be urgently re-located to a new place.

The second plot of 3,5 ha is occupied with collection accessions, planted out in 1984-1991 and 2000-2009. This is the basic collection plot, where dying accessions are being re-located from the plot 1. 44 accessions at this plot, planted out as far back as 1984, need to be urgently re-located. Seasonal water flows go naturally thanks to a little slope. The drain system of this garden doesn`t work, ceramic underground tube in the middle of the garden is jammed with mud. The relief of the plot is like a saucer, trees are being constantly flooded.

.. Radchenko