Nevskaya school on innovation technologies (S.-Petersburg - Russia)

the summer school for students from Germany in Saint-Petersburg - RUSSIA 2009

    The subjects of this school - an ecology, economy, management in the Nature use, plants science, soil science, experience fields etc.


    The comfortable hotel “Vyborgskaya” near the metrostation “Chernaya rechka”. The rooms for four students with a shell, a shower and convinience in a corridor. The living cost is 2640 roubles for such room - the cost of the October of 2008.

    17 credit - that is the estimation of your learning in Russia , without integrated Russian language course for beginners.

    You will get acquaintance with our wonderful city and its famous environs, its citizens at the same time. You will enjoy the beautiful views of the city, its palaces and the ñaphedrals, the artworks of the famous Hermitage and Russian museum, see the bridges over the Neva river.

    The possibility to visit the most interesting architecture creations, parks and museums near St. Petersburg, the museum estate of famous painter Repin will be realized also.

    LOOK HEAR PLEASE! Some of the most interesting sights of our city and its environs are here.

     It will be pleasant for you!

The acquaintance with an activity of different enterprises.

1. The Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry of RAAS and its experience fields near St. Petersburg - in Pushkin.
2. The commercial firm “Agropromchim”. Its activity - the sale of fertilizers and the means for plant protection in the Leningrad Region.
3. The exhibition “Agro-Russia” with taking part of Research Institutes of RAAS and agricultural enterprises of the Leningrad Re gion, with the fair of food of Leningrad Region's enterprises, different goods, the fair of a honey from all Russia, the conferences and the concert program, with shashlyks and honey wine on the bank of Finland gulf.

Contact person Marina Tadeushevna, tel. +7(812)314-22-34,fax +7(812)570-47-70 with note for “Nevskaya school”, for Evelina Platonova.
Coordinator Platonova Evelina Romanovna
The director of Nevskaya school Evelin Platonova

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