DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, N.I.Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR)



Head of the Department of Biotechnology - Dr. Gavrilenko T.A.;

Scientific staff Ц 7 scientists including 3 PhD (Drs. Antonova Olga, Dunaeva Svetlana, Pendinen Galina), 6 assistants, 3 PhD students.


The Department of Biotechnology focuses on the use of advanced biotechnologies for the conservation, evaluation and utilization of plant genetic resources stored at VIR.


1. Application and developing of biotechnological methods for safe conservation of agricultural biodiversity of vegetatively propagated crops under in vitro conditions.

2. Studying of genomes of economically important crop species using comparative genomic approaches.

3. Application of distant hybridization and biotechnological methods to increase the potential of wider use of plant genetic resources.



1.Maintenance and medium term storage of in vitro collections of vegetatively propagated crops stored at VIR.

2. Pathogen testing (viral, bacterial diseases, etc.), virus eradication.

3. Developing of tissue culture methods (meristem and bud culture, micropropagation, medium term in vitro storage) for vegetatively propagated crop species.

4. Fingerprinting and molecular screening of stored germplasm and studying of genetic diversity using different DNA markers.

5. Control of genetic stability of in vitro stored germplasm.

6. Widening of genetic diversity of crop plants through cellular engineering and interspecific hybridization.

7. Studying of genomes of economically important crop species