Catalogue of world VIR collection. Oat. Fasc.686.

(Gene stock collection with genes controlled biological, morphological, biochemical and agricultural characters. St-P. 83pp. (RUS))

For plant breeders very important to use proper material in their work. For such purposes we compiled catalogue of oat gene stock collection. This catalogue consists of reference information about more than 250 accessions and cultivars of oat with more than 530 different identified alleles of genes. It includes more important agronomical characters (genes) Avenin content (Av), Ditylenchus dispaci reaction (Dd), Dwarfness (Dw), Erysiphe graminis reaction (Eg), Heterodera avenae reaction (Ha), Helminthosporium victorae reaction (Hv), Naked seed (N), Puccinia coronata reaction (Pc), Puccinia graminis reaction (Pg), Pseudomonas coronafaciens reaction (Psc), Ustilago kolleri and avenae reaction (U), etc. The genes, or loci, recognised are listed alphabetically by symbol. The data given after each symbol of loci (together with synonym of this genes) is usually. They are descriptions of genes symbols, specific characters this loci (race, etc.), heritability of loci, name of cultivar or line included this loci, number of VIR catalogue and name of species of this accessions and reference of this gene. It contains Introduction, List of gene stock collection, Alphabetic list of accessions of gene stock collection and Reference.

Gen symbol


VIR's catalogue number

Accession name

Other number


Dominant or recessive

Av(av) 1-Av(av) 4 Avenin content. 1788 Fulghum C.I.708 A.sativa L. Dominant and recessive
Dd-1 Resistance to the stem eelworm (Ditylenchus dipsaci Filip.). 2348 Gray Winter   A.sativa L. Dominant
Dia-1 Difosforasa activity. 1788 Fulghum C.I.708 A.sativa L. Dominant
Dw-4 Semidwarfness. 11247 Curt C.I.7424 A.sativa L. Dominant
Eg-1 Resistance to mildew (Erysiphe graminis DC.). 11914 Maris Tabard   A.sativa L. Dominant
gi-1 Gigantism. 3479 Rykhlik Khersonsky   A.sativa L. Recessive, closely linked to gi-3
Ha-1 Resistance to cereal root eelworm (Heterodera avenae Woll.). 2112 Grise de Houdan   A.sativa L. Dominant
Hv-1 Resistance to Victoria blight (Helminthosporium victoriae Meeh.). 8295 Victoria C.I.2401 A.byzantina Koch. Dominant, closely linked to Pc-2
ms-2 Partial male steriliry. 11008 Saia C.I.7010 A.strigosa Schreb. Recessive
N-1 Naked seed and multiflorous spikelet. 11353 Manu   A.sativa ssp.nuda Dominant
Pc- 1 Resistance to crown rust (Puccinia coronata Cda.). 2869 Red Rustproof C.I.511 A.byzantina Koch. Dominant
Pg- 1 Resistance to stem rust (Puccinia graminis Pers.). 2868 White Russian C.I.551 A.sativa L. Dominant, closely linked to Pg-2
psc-1 Resistance to halo blight (Pseudomonas sp. Stev.). 12591 Cc 4146 PI 391419 A.sativa L. Partly recessive
U-1 Resistance to covered smut (Ustilago kolleri Wille.). 2869 Red Rustproof C.I.511 A.byzantina Koch. Dominant
U-4 Resistance to loose smut (Ustilago avenae Rostr.). 1801 Black Mesdag   A.sativa L. Dominant

Unfortunately our catalogue is in Russian, but we can distribute it with English remarks in written or electronic form or we ready to translate it all for finance support.

    Catalogue of world VIR collection. Oat. Fasc.686.